MXSCARNA (Multiplex Stem Candidate Aligner for RNAs) is a multiple alignment tool for RNA sequences using progressive alignment based on pairwise structural alignment algorithm of SCARNA.
This software is fast enough for large scale analyses, while the accuracies of the alignments are better than or comparable with the existing algorithms which are computationally much more expensive in time and memory.
A fast structural multiple alignment method for long RNA sequences
Yasuo Tabei, Hisanori Kiryu, Taishin Kin and Kiyoshi Asai
In preparation.
 About Our Project
MXSCARNA is developed by Asai's Lab. in University of Tokyo and Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC), AIST. MXSCARNA is a part of the Project. The Project includes development of software tools and dabases. Visit for more details.
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